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With increased automation and digitization, there has also been a steady increase in volume of documents being managed in various industries. These business documents may exist in variety of forms such as paper, emails, faxes forms of office documents. Therefore, businesses are on the lookout for efficient, cost-effective, and scalable Document Management Solution. This is reason enough for organizations to invest in an effective Document Management Solution to scan, archive and capture the information from the documents into more reliable and easily retrievable form.

Sumukha Technologies & Software Pvt. Ltd., provides easy to use Document Management Solutions which facilitates to digitize and categorize documents for easy storage and fast retrieval. The solution provides a uniform platform to computerize business information, manages creation, distribution and archiving of all controlled documents.

Scanning & Digitization solutions:

Scanning is the process of systematically congregating data from paper-based format into a digital format. Sumukha provides quality scanning, indexing, conversion, and archiving solutions that enables clients to perform quick search and accurate retrieval of critical data, as and when the need arises.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a technology used to identify text from non-text inside a digital image is much faster, more accurate and efficient technique than keystroke data entry. In several cases of text conversion, OCR provides an alternative to keyboarding / data entry, or can be part of a mixed data entry/OCR process. Whatever is your project of text conversion, our skill and expertise guarantees the best solution at a highly competitive price.

Sumukha provides with customized solutions for moving data into your system more quickly and accurately by combining proper form design and the latest recognition technology. The benefits of digitizing documents are seemingly endless in terms of minimising use of paper, improving efficiency and automating processes within the organisation. It also saves Time by locating and processing documents faster, Money by improving efficiencies, reducing processing costs, and mitigating risk and Space by eliminating file cabinets and storage boxes.

Our Scanning & digitization solutions include

  • Scanning of maps, blueprints & other documents from A5 to A0 size.
  • Permanent Records Scanning.
  • Books Scanning.
  • Graphics / Images Scanning.
  • Receipts / Bills Scanning.
  • Magazine / Paper Scanning.
  • CD-ROM Cataloguing and Publishing.

Digitization and plotting of images:

Digitization is the process of converting information contained in an image, document, book, map, blueprint, object, etc. Into a digital format. In this process, information is organized into discrete units of data that can be separately addressed. This is the binary data that computers and many devices with computing capacity such as digital cameras can process. The end result is a digital representation or more specifically a digital image.

Digitizing is the primary way of storing images in a form suitable for transmission and computer processing, whether scanned from two-dimensional analogue originals or captured using an image sensor-equipped device such as a digital camera, topographical instrument such as a CAT scanner, or acquiring precise dimensions from a real-world object, such as a car, using a 3D scanning device.

Digitizing information makes it easier to preserve, access, and share. For example, an original historical document may only be accessible to people who visit its physical location, but if the document content is digitized, it can be made available to people worldwide. There is a growing trend towards digitization of historically and culturally significant data.

Sumukha has specialized in providing high-resolution digital imaging solutions and customize them to suit the requirements of any organization like libraries, construction companies, Government departments, Research Organizations etc., and make their task of preserving, accessing and presenting or sharing information simple.

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