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Government agencies have realised the increasing need for improving and developing their information technology landscapes. They are also focussing on increasing the effectiveness of their public services and implementing more citizen centric solutions. This is of paramount importance to increase connectivity to the masses, simplify management of state/local resources and facilitate transparency in administration.

The success relies both on policy making and its effective implementation by use of qualitative techniques and tools for effective management of government operations. Because of the financial crisis, there is great pressure to reduce cost of operations. It is even higher in specific functional areas that have been identified as the cornerstones of the improvement agenda. Hence, Cost effectiveness, quality and productivity enhancement have become the primary objective of government agencies. They are now looking at consolidation, shared services, use of non-proprietary solutions and other cost-cutting actions to achieve this.

Sumukha can partner with Government agencies to enable change towards next-generation governance. Our flexible and robust delivery models will assist government agencies with budget reductions mandated by governing bodies. This will help achieve operational efficiencies within the present budget allocations without cutting corners at quality and functionality. We can enhance monitoring and decision-making intelligence, citizen centricity, programme management and Green IT. We can also facilitate delivery of region-specific services, increase efficiency of government machinery for optimal use of public resources and measuring effectiveness of various projects. Our ready-to-use assets and frameworks ensure that our solutions yield customer benefits such as reduced total cost of ownerships, accelerated implementation cycles and reduced business risks.

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