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A Smart Card can officially be defined as "an integrated circuit card with memory capable of making decisions." The Smart Cards have an edge over magnetic cards like normal plastic credit cards, as they are embedded with a small microchip, which can be programmed to perform specific functions for the end-user without depending on an online infrastructure. They can store up to a thousand times more data than other traditional media and a wide range of applications can be incorporated into a single card." What’s more, each application can have its own logical space on the card, and can be read or written onto thousands of times. It is not surprising therefore that the smart cards have now begun to proliferate in almost every sector.

Additionally, the processing power of a smart card makes it ideal to mix and match multiple functions. For example, government benefit cards can be used to provide users access to other benefits such as healthcare clinics or job training programmers. Similarly, a college identification card can be used to pay for food, phone calls or even to access the Internet in the campus cyber cafe.

Sumukha can customize these flexible, secure, portable reliable and multipurpose computational devices with data storage ability to meet all your needs.

We provide following ID card and Smart card solutions:

  • ID verification and access control cards for employees (Single/Multi doors).
  • Pre-defined network access control cards for employees.
  • Pre-defined door access control system for visitors.
  • RFID authentication cards for labs, hospitals, factories etc.
  • Travel identity cards (D/L, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Passports, etc.,)
  • Payphone cards.
  • Smart Banking & Retail cards.
  • Electronic purse cards.
  • Health care cards.
  • Pay per view cable account card.
  • Pre-defined door access control system for hotel inmates.
  • Pay and park card.
  • Automatic fair collection cards for Public transport systems.
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